How Vets Deal With Puppy Health Constipation

Your puppy’s health is very important. It is typically expected that after your puppy eats, he should go potty. If he doesn’t that could be a bad sign.

In this video you will see how a Vet deals with puppy constipation. Has this happened to you? has your puppy suffered from constipation? If so what have you done to alleviate the problem.

Watch the video below and see how the Vet treats this puppy’s constipation:

Home Made Dog Food

Do you think your dog has a healthy diet today? There are many commercial products available in the supermarket today that claim they have quality ingredients. But there are many studies that refute these studies.

Many people today are looking at preparing home made dog food for their dog. Which do you think is better? What do you want to feed your dog?

Watch the video below and see how home made dog food is being prepared:

Pet Joint Problems:

This is an excellent video by Dr Karen Becker. She describes the impact that nutrition, exercise and trauma can have as the cause of Dog Joint problems. She also recommends solutions we can take to minimize these impacts.

Hip and joint problems have become very common in dogs. We need to be mindful that these problems can occur with most dogs as they age.

The good thing is that there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your dog joint problems.

No dogs are exempt from these problems but Great Danes and German Shepherd are among the most popular breeds to be impacted by this illness.